Lead_Bacon G. Review from Yelp

5 Star Review from Yelp. They are wonderful group of guys who are very proper and professional. They fixed my computer very very quickly and gave me...

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5 Star review from Google I have an older tower and heard there was some kind of chip that would make it run better. I didn't know what i was...

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5 Star review from Google I went to them with a router problem of constantly being bumped offline and the tech showed me a channel monitor app on my...

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Jennifer R. Review from Yelp

Friday 05 February, 2016

5 Star Review from Yelp.
I guess there's never a convenient time for your computer to break since you're probably wanting to use it for a reason. Mine stopped working a week before a major interview for a big new job, and I had crucial files on my computer that I had been preparing to present. I feared all my work was lost and I that would have to start from scratch. I originally took my laptop to another place down the road, and they said the typical turnaround time was close to a week. They seemed very laid back (too much so- I was panicked!) and said they'd give me a call when they had diagnosed the problem. I already knew what the problem was- the screen wasn't working- and I just wanted my files off the hard drive! Like, yesterday! I waited somewhat patiently for almost 24 hours before calling Computer Citi to ask what their typical turnaround time was. The guy was extremely helpful and understanding over the phone, so I immediately drove to the other store to get my laptop back so I could take it to Computer Citi. Within four hours, C.C. called me to tell me that all of my data from the old laptop was on an external drive (as I had requested), and I was able to pick it up and get back to work. I found the price to be very reasonable. I'm borrowing my husband's computer for now, but if I need to buy my own, I will definitely consider buying one of the cheap refurbished ones I saw at Computer Citi.
Testimonial By: Jennifer R.

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